January 18-21, 2018

MMF Symposium






Machine Learning Theme Park

Machine learning is in the news, machines seem poised to take over many jobs, machines allow us to do things that were previously unthinkable. But challenges remain, a world of possibilities and a new array of challenges are certainly shaping the landscape, and humans seem to still be in control of that. This panel of experts will discuss the current state of affairs, and sieve the hype from the substance.


Alik Sokolov

As a lead data scientist in the Strategic Analytics and Modeling team at Deloitte, Alik’s focus is to leverage machine learning combined with business context to drive better decision making for clients.

Alik’s industry focus is in helping financial institutions apply machine learning to drive measurable business value, and he has used analytics to solve a wide range of business problems, including customer acquisition and retention, segmentation, fraud, pricing, productivity optimization, and risk in various business domains.

Before coming to Deloitte, Alik has spent four years in an operations management role in UPS in conjunction with receiving his degree in Financial Mathematics from the University of Toronto. Alik also completed a Master’s Degree in Mathematics from the University of Toronto, and has completed his CFA designation.

Alik is also currently teaching a Machine Learning course at the Master’s of Mathematical Finance program at the University of Toronto.

Hashiam Kadhim



Hashiam is a Lead Machine Learning Engineer at, where he brings advanced knowledge of deep learning and skill dissecting the latest research and techniques to the team’s enterprise engagements. Hashiam has years of experience using deep learning to solve problems in several industry verticals including healthcare, finance and insurance. His technical expertise was first cultivated at the University of Toronto, where he achieved a Masters of Science in Pure Mathematics.

In his first year at, Hashiam has been at the forefront of multiple client deployments that have generated millions of dollars in value. He has also played a pivotal role in establishing as the first Canadian partner in NVIDIA’s prestigious deep learning partnership program.