"The MMF Symposium is a unique event bringing together -current and future- leaders and innovators in the financial world."

- Tim Friederich, Allianz Global Investors
19-22 January 2017
Blue Mountains
Innovation vs Regulation
What’s the Score?

In the current market situation with remarkable lack of directionality, only one variable is guaranteed to grow: uncertainty.

Whether financial, regulatory or political, uncertainty increases our need for knowledge and at the same time creates unorthodox business opportunities, jobs in innovative sectors and in general, a potentially disruptive environment to which we better get quickly adjusted to.

Come to the MMF Symposium and meet the future!

Keynote Speakers

The Sentinel and the Groundbreaker. The Reformer and the Progressive. Listen.

Philippe Sarfati
Senior Director and Head Supervision Support Group
Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions

"Financial Innovation and Regulatory Development in a Changing Industry"

The Basel regulatory sequels have been responsible for some of the biggest changes in the banking landscape over the last twenty years. Philippe Sarfati holds the brush that will paint the regulatory landscape of the future. His participation in the MMF Symposium this year signifies a unique opportunity to witness changes in the making.

- Luis Seco, Director MMF

David Ha


"From Goldman to Google"

Keynote Panels

Vanguard. Disruptive. Innovative. Visionary. These are our Panels.

Alternative Beta

A substitute for the traditional stock/bond portfolio? A substitute for hedge funds? A new source of return? Listen to the panelists to find out.

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan
ARP Investments
Sigma Analysis & Management Ltd.
Negative Rates

When investors pay to borrow you know something is upside down. This panel will turn the right side up.

Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System
AllianceBernstein L.P.
Long Term Investing

No one knows what will happen tomorrow, but they need to invest for the next 20 years. How do they do it?

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board
Women in Finance

Operational Risk

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Women in Global FinTech

Our Location
Conference Venue
Village Conference Centre / Blue Mountains
The MMF Symposium unfolds at the Village Conference Centre at Blue Mountain Resort, the largest skiing resort in Ontario.
Our Past Speakers
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Ron Mock
Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan
Mike Durland
Group Head & CEO
Global Banking & Markets
Camilla Sutton
Managing Director & Head
Global Foreign Exchange
Michael Zerbs
Executive VP & Co-Head
IT & Enterprise Technology
Megan Vesely
General Counsel
Sigma Analysis & Management Ltd.
Dan Rosen
Fields Institute
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